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Diana Gross Strategy & Consulting 
K12 Learning and Innovation  

Connecting educational neuroscience, emergent technology, and future job skills research to implement future ready learning environments. Partnering with educational leaders, teachers, and students we design innovative programs that meet the needs of all learners. 

Our Services


A range of consulting services to help educators and institutions design effective and innovative learning environments that are informed by the latest research in educational technology and neuroscience. Services include:

AI in Education

We offer customized solutions to enhance education with the power of AI technology. Our research-based approach and vetted resources support educators by reducing cognitive load, allowing them to focus on what really matters: their students. 

EdTech Solutions for Impact

We use a backward design approach to help educators create learning experiences that are aligned with their goals and intended outcomes.

College Career Pathways - eSports/ CTE

We help institutions design programs and pathways that prepare students for success in college and beyond.

Designing Learning Environments

We provide expert guidance on how to create engaging modern learning spaces that are optimized for student engagement, productivity, and well-being. We select the latest technology and furniture to create classrooms and learning environments that are designed to prepare students for job skills of the future and college success. 

Professional Development Design

We offer professional development opportunities for educators to learn about the latest research and best practices in educational technology and neuroscience, and how to apply these insights to their own teaching and learning contexts.

Executive Leadership Coaching

Elevate your educational leadership with our Executive Leadership Coaching services, specifically tailored for district and school leadership. Our comprehensive approach begins with an EdTech Audit to delve into your institution's technological landscape. We collaborate closely with instructional leadership teams to craft a visionary roadmap for technology-pedagogy integration.


"Diana Gross and her team has been an invaluable resource to our school as we navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of educational technology. Her insights and guidance have helped us create learning environments that are engaging, effective, and future-ready."

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