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Why DiG Consulting?


Our consulting services focus on researching neuroscience and technology to design future-ready learning environments that connect with pedagogy and andragogy, ensuring the success of learners in the 21st century.


We provide strategies and solutions to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) in education, promoting personalized learning, adaptive assessment, and intelligent tutoring systems.


Our backward design approach helps educators to develop curriculum and assessments that align with the desired learning outcomes, ensuring a more effective and efficient teaching process.


We offer guidance and support to students in identifying and pursuing college and career pathways that align with their strengths, interests, and values, ensuring a successful transition to post-secondary education and workforce.


We provide recommendations and resources to optimize learning spaces, technology and furniture to enhance the learning experience, and professional development opportunities for educators and administrators to improve their practice and leadership skills. At DiG Consulting, we believe in 'Pedagogy before Purchase' and strive to ensure a cost-effective and sustainable implementation of educational technology.

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